What is saponiny steroidowe

At menopause the ovary doesn't make any more eggs, doesn't make very much estrogen, your periods subside and we call it menopause and the doctors are just using estrogen and Ray Peat was up there saying, "look, I have a list of 250 references and they show that progesterone is a very important hormone and he lists all these important things, it's available over the counter, it's absorbed through the skin, and I was sitting there, just my mind was blown by this. I said everything he's saying is right. That all makes sense. The ovary makes two hormones why aren't we giving the two hormones?

Saponins from the Gypsophila paniculata (baby’s breath) plant have been shown to significantly augment the cytotoxicity of immunotoxins and other targeted toxins directed against human cancer cells. The research groups of Professor Hendrik Fuchs ( Charité University, Berlin, Germany) and Dr David Flavell (Southampton General Hospital, United Kingdom) are working together toward the development of Gypsophila saponins for use in combination with immunotoxins or other targeted toxins for patients with leukaemia , lymphoma and other cancers .

They include: Allium savitum ( Sumioka et al ., 2001 ) Curcuma longa ( Dunsmore et al ., 2001 ; Batth et al ., 2001 ), Schisandra chinensis ( Chiu et al ., 2004 ) Glycyrrhiza spp. ( Yan et al ., 2004 ), Paeonia spp. ( Yan et al ., 2004 ), and the Chinese medicinal herbs Panax notoginseng ( Yao and Li, 2002 ), Platycodon grandiflorum ( Lee et al ., 2004 ) and Saussurea lappa ( Matsuda et al ., 2003 ), Zingiber zerumbet ( Hashemi, 2010 ) and Zingiber officinale ( Hashemi, 2010 ).

What is saponiny steroidowe

what is saponiny steroidowe


what is saponiny steroidowewhat is saponiny steroidowewhat is saponiny steroidowewhat is saponiny steroidowewhat is saponiny steroidowe