Testicular cancer caused by steroids

Testicular torsion: This condition requires immediate consultation by a urologist (specialist in genital and urinary organs) for surgical management. Prior to surgery, a doctor may attempt to untwist the testicle manually to relieve the problem temporarily, though definitive surgery will ultimately still be required. Surgery will consist of untwisting the affected testicle, assessing its viability, and finally securing the testicle to the scrotal wall (orchiopexy) to prevent subsequent episodes of torsion. The other testicle also is often secured to the scrotal wall in order to prevent testicular torsion of that testicle.

For many patients with stage I cancer, adjuvant (preventative) therapy following surgery may not be appropriate and patients will undergo surveillance instead. [42] The form this surveillance takes, . the type and frequency of investigations and the length time it should continue, will depend on the type of cancer ( non-seminoma or seminoma ), but the aim is to avoid unnecessary treatments in the many patients who are cured by their surgery, and ensure that any relapses with metastases (secondary cancers) are detected early and cured. This approach ensures that chemotherapy and or radiotherapy is only given to the patients that need it. The number of patients ultimately cured is the same using surveillance as post-operative “adjuvant” treatments, but the patients have to be prepared to follow a prolonged series of visits and tests.

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Testicular cancer caused by steroids

testicular cancer caused by steroids


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