Test levels while on steroids

1. Do you frequently neglect your diet? Yes No 2. Do you frequently try to do everything yourself? Yes No 3. Do you frequently blow up easily? Yes No 4. Do you frequently seek unrealistic goals? Yes No   5. Do you frequently fail to see the humor in situations others     find funny?
Yes No   6. Do you frequently get easily irritated?   Yes No 7. Do you frequently make a "big deal" of everything? Yes No 8. Do you frequently complain that you are disorganized? Yes No 9. Do you frequently keep everything inside? Yes No 10. Do you frequently neglect exercise? Yes No   11.  Do you frequently have few supportive relationships?   Yes No 12.  Do you frequently get too little rest? Yes No 13.  Do you frequently get angry when you are kept waiting? Yes No 14.  Do you frequently ignore stress symptoms? Yes No 15.  Do you frequently put things off until later? Yes No 16.  Do you frequently think there is only one right way to
       do something? Yes No 17.  Do you frequently fail to build relaxation into every day? Yes No 18.  Do you frequently spend a lot of time complaining about
       the past? Yes No 19.  Do you frequently race through the day? Yes No
20.  Do you frequently feel unable to cope with all you have to do.   Yes No

What is CA-125?

    CA-125, cancer antigen-125, is a protein that is found at levels in most ovarian cancer cells that are elevated compared to normal cells. CA-125 is produced on the surface of cells and is released in the blood stream.
What is a CA-125 test?
    The CA-125 test assesses the concentration of CA-125 in the blood. The test requires a sample of the patient's blood to be drawn.
What is the difference between first and second generation CA-125 tests?
    The second generation test is less likely to fluctuate from day to day. The two tests are not interchangeable. The second generation test results are slightly higher than the first generation ones.

    Test levels while on steroids

    test levels while on steroids


    test levels while on steroidstest levels while on steroidstest levels while on steroidstest levels while on steroidstest levels while on steroids