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Unfortunately after the surgery, my mom had complications, so for almost three weeks she was in CCU. She hardly could breathe and see at first, then CCU doctor, Dr. Y suggested to make a ventilator in her throat so she can breathe easily, but still helped by a machine (70%). Meanwhile Dr A assigned Dr Z to help shrink my mom’s left tumor near her brain because the tumor keeps pushing her neuro-system which makes her unable to see, move and breathe. So Dr Z gave 10-15 times of radiation. After the radiation, my mom can now breathe using regular oxygen and move to regular room.

I know that there are people who LOVE music, who will pick up an instrument any chance they get and play it because they love it. My step-son professes to love playing the cello but NEVER picks it up on his own. He only practices when forced to. I don’t think he loves it at all, I think he’s trying to make his mother happy and she tells him that he will be a professional someday. Why practice something you don’t really enjoy? Granted, there may be things we must do for a job, or school that we don’t like and I feel like the above article is for those situations. But for those of us who enjoy our pursuits we can easily spend 10,000 PLUS hours doing it.

Suntik steroid jakarta

suntik steroid jakarta


suntik steroid jakartasuntik steroid jakarta