Steroid shots in the knee

Key clinical point: Corticosteroid injections in knee osteoarthritis (OA) are not effective in the long term and may boost risk that OA will worsen.

Major finding: In adjusted analysis of 134 injection knees and 498 noninjection knees tracked for up to 8 years, OA in injection knees was more likely to have progressed (HR, ; 95% CI, -).

Study details: Cohort analysis of data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative, which tracked patients with (or at high risk of) knee OA at four . clinics.

Disclosures: The study authors reported no relevant disclosures. The National Natural Science Foundation of China funded the study. The Osteoarthritis Initiative is a partnership between the National Institutes of Health and Merck, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, and Pfizer.

Source: Lei G et al. ACR 2017 Abstract 1788.

My brother had a Staphallacacause infection in his knee when we were kids he got it off the wretling mat at high school; my mother washed all our cloths together the stuff was so infectios we all got it, I have  had episodes on and off throughout my life. Sounds like you had a boil in your knee. Hope you are stll alive! That can be deadly without antibioitics. Or the guy doing the procedure didn't know what he was doing, sucking out fluid by the way is not getting a shot of cortizone, so what you are talking about is something diferent, sounds licke staff to me. 

Steroid shots in the knee

steroid shots in the knee


steroid shots in the kneesteroid shots in the kneesteroid shots in the kneesteroid shots in the kneesteroid shots in the knee