Steroid mania bipolar

10.  MYTH: Picking at your skin is just a bad habit.
TRUTH: While the behavior of skin picking can be considered habitual in nature, dumbing it down to “habit” is hurtful to us; when we hear of a “bad habit” we can’t help but think of instances such as it being a bad habit for a male to never put the toilet seat down in a predominantly female household despite reminders, cutting your toenails and not throwing away the clippings on a regular basis, or consistently not wiping crumbs off of a counter after fixing yourself a sandwich when being told to a million times. It is better classified as obsessive-compulsive or even a behavioral addiction.

It can be postulated that this patient’s hypersexuality was connected in some complex but unclear way to paroxetine’s norepinephrine effects; however, the occurrence of a similar reaction with citalopram and the reports of hypersexuality with fluoxetine, paroxetine, and fluvoxamine 4,6 argue against it. Rather, it might make more sense to suggest that initial serotonin agonism caused by SRI administration in a subgroup of susceptible females can provoke hypersexuality due to increased central serotonergic activity. It is also possible that there was an interaction between flaxseed oil and SRI effects. PP

Steroid mania bipolar

steroid mania bipolar


steroid mania bipolarsteroid mania bipolarsteroid mania bipolarsteroid mania bipolar