Penile adhesions in infants steroid cream

So by doing research I see piano adhesions are very common.. If I would of known all this could happen by getting my son circumcised I probably would of never got it done just because daddy wanted it to look like son got circumcised when he was 3 weeks old and after I was never told to pull skin back or anything till resently I did on my own.. Come to find out it didn't look normal so I took him to see his uralogist they painfully pulled back all his adhesions because they said that was the only thing I could do or do it myself at home which I could now just 2 days later after the doc telling me to apply ointment 2 times a day for 3 days then stop putting ointment an just push back once before bed every night to make sure there is no adhesions... He already had one!!! After 2 days.. ;( I did get the steroid cream and was wondering if it really worked because it upsets my stomach having to do it myself

External irritants can sometimes cause a previously retractable prepuce to become non-retractable due to swelling of the tissues. If a child whose prepuce was retractable becomes non-retractable, environmental factors should be investigated. One known culprit is bubble bath. If a child is taking bubble baths and the prepuce becomes non-retractable, the bubble bath should be discontinued. See Penile Hygiene in the Intact Non-circumcised Male for comprehensive information on foreskin care.

Penile adhesions in infants steroid cream

penile adhesions in infants steroid cream


penile adhesions in infants steroid creampenile adhesions in infants steroid cream