Milos sarcev steroids

I would never do a youtube video cuz i might be accused of using too. I trained for years quite casually until recently when i started lifting heavy and training 4 to 5 days a week any opp i got. Sometimes i only get 45 mins in. But i look at what i gained in that time and still think WOW, no way. I despise drugs in any form. Fought to get a friend off the awful things, dont even like asprin cuz i believe it teaches my body to be lazy. Not everyone who gains is on drugs guys. I personally know a guy who used a lot of stuff incl steroids and i am bigger than him.

Forced reps are basically reps in which you force up the weight during the up-phase because it is too heavy to lift it in the normal way, often helped by a spotter, followed by slowly lowering the weight in a controlled fashion to the bottom, without the help of a spotter. Many spotters, however, let the forced up-phase take much too long. The up-phase of a forced rep should basically take the same amount of time as the up-phase of a quality rep. Forced reps can be very effective as lots of the growth stimulation actually comes from the down-phase (negative part) of the rep, which is very stressful for the muscle fibers.

Milos sarcev steroids

milos sarcev steroids


milos sarcev steroidsmilos sarcev steroidsmilos sarcev steroidsmilos sarcev steroidsmilos sarcev steroids