Liver tumors caused by steroids

"Recent successes in cancer immunotherapy -; in the form of immune checkpoint inhibitors and adoptive T cell transfer -; demonstrate how activated immune cells can eradicate tumors, but until now we didn't fully appreciate immunosurveillance or the role of adaptive immunity in tumor formation," said senior author Michael Karin, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Pharmacology and Pathology at UC San Diego School of Medicine. "This study provides one of the strongest and most direct demonstrations that adaptive immunity actively prevents liver cancer." Karin led the study with first author Shabnam Shalapour, PhD, an assistant professor in his group.

In a world-wide unique installation, the Novalis TX unit is combined with a 16-slice in-room big-bore Philips Brilliance CT scanner. This powerful combination of technologies allows the radiation oncologist to acquire high-resolution imaging of the liver tumor right before the radiation therapy is delivered (image-guided radiation therapy). It also allow us the ability to track changes in breathing-related liver tumor movement on a day to day basis, This way we can deliver cancer killing  radiation doses, while allowing health tissue to be spared.

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Liver tumors caused by steroids

liver tumors caused by steroids


liver tumors caused by steroidsliver tumors caused by steroidsliver tumors caused by steroidsliver tumors caused by steroidsliver tumors caused by steroids