Infiltracion intraarticular de esteroides

塗抹潤滑油 (提供) 。 為了清潔 O 形環的表面和補油 , 請塗抹 O 形環潤滑油 。 ≥ 請用指尖將一塊米粒大小的潤滑油 (提供)均勻地塗抹在 O 形環上。 ( 請勿用紙或布塗抹潤滑油。 紙或布的纖維可能會沾附在 O 形環上。) ≥ 如果 O 形環上的潤滑油過多,髒物和灰塵會附著在上面,從而導致漏水。 因此,請用手指和拇指的指肚捏著 O 形環,輕輕擦去多餘的潤滑油。 ≥ 通過均勻地塗抹上薄薄一層 O 形環潤滑油 , 可以將 O 形環沿著潛水盒的槽柔軟變 形,並使其保持密封。 ≥ 請僅使用指定的潤滑油。 如果使用其它類型的潤滑油,可能會破壞 O 形環的表 面,從而導致漏水。...

In August 1915, a young French infantry officer, Captain André Laffargue  ( fr ) , put forward additional ideas in a pamphlet titled Étude sur l’attaque dans la période actuelle de la guerre ('Study of the Attack in the Current Period of the War'). [11] Laffargue based his proposals in particular on his experiences in the initially successful but ultimately disappointing results of employing the tactics of Note 5779 at the Second Battle of Artois; he commanded a company of the 153rd Infantry Regiment, attacking immediately south of Neuville-Saint-Vaast on 9 May 1915. Laffargue was left wounded on the German front line but his regiment advanced another kilometres ( mi), only to be held up by two German machine guns. Laffargue's pamphlet focused primarily on the small-unit perspective, calling for mobile firepower to deal with local resistance such as machine guns, advocating that the first waves of an attack advance through the intervals or gaps between centres of resistance, which should be temporarily neutralised on the edges by fire or heavy smoke. The points of resistance would then be encircled and dealt with by successive waves. This promotes coordinating local forces to deal with local resistance as it is encountered, an important second step in infiltration tactics. Laffargue suggests that had these methods been followed the attack could have resulted in a complete breakthrough of the German defences and the capture of Vimy Ridge .

Infiltracion intraarticular de esteroides

infiltracion intraarticular de esteroides


infiltracion intraarticular de esteroidesinfiltracion intraarticular de esteroidesinfiltracion intraarticular de esteroidesinfiltracion intraarticular de esteroidesinfiltracion intraarticular de esteroides