Inducible operons anabolic

Regulation of transcription sometimes occurs via the simple presence or absence of transcription factors. An example of this is in the regulation of the immunoglobulin (an immune protein, also called antibody ) heavy chain gene, which is expressed in B lymphocytes (white blood cells that make antibodies) but not other cell types. This gene's enhancer (a region distant from the promoter) contains at least nine binding sites for regulatory proteins. The enhancer is acted on by activators present in B lymphocytes , while in nonlymphocyte cells repressors are present that inhibit transcription. This limits expression of the gene to lymphocytes.

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Inducible operons anabolic

inducible operons anabolic


inducible operons anabolicinducible operons anabolicinducible operons anabolicinducible operons anabolicinducible operons anabolic