Glasgow alcoholic hepatitis score steroids

The Glasgow-Blatchford bleeding score ( GBS ) is a screening tool to assess the likelihood that a patient with an acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding (UGIB) will need to have medical intervention such as a blood transfusion or endoscopic intervention. [1] The tool may be able to identify patients who do not need to be admitted to hospital after a UGIB. Advantages of the GBS over the Rockall score , which assesses the risk of mortality in patients with UGIB, include a lack of subjective variables such as the severity of systemic diseases and the lack of a need for oesophagogastroduodenoscopy (OGD) to complete the score, a feature unique to the GBS.

In total, 103 patients with biopsy-proven AH were included in the study cohort. Age, serum bilirubin, serum creatinine, and international normalized ratio (INR) independently predicted 90-day mortality. We generated the Age, serum Bilirubin, INR, and serum Creatinine (ABIC) score: (age x ) + (serum bilirubin x ) + (serum creatinine x ) + (INR x ). The area under the curve (AUC) was . Using the Kaplan-Meier analysis with the cutoff values of and , we identified patients with low, intermediate, and high risk of death at 90 days (100%, 70%, and 25% of survival rate, respectively). Using the same cutoff values, the ABIC score also stratified patients according to their risk of death at 1 yr. These results were validated by a confirmatory cohort (N = 80).


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Glasgow alcoholic hepatitis score steroids

glasgow alcoholic hepatitis score steroids


glasgow alcoholic hepatitis score steroidsglasgow alcoholic hepatitis score steroidsglasgow alcoholic hepatitis score steroidsglasgow alcoholic hepatitis score steroidsglasgow alcoholic hepatitis score steroids