Gaining muscle while cutting steroids

24% of 82 kg is roughly 20 kg fat (62 kg LBM (lean body mass)). There’s a lot of “it depends” it that question. If you want your abs to show, you likely have a long way to go (like getting 10% BF or less). But you can look muscular in your shoulders, back, chest and legs a lot sooner depending on your natural build. Body fat is the metric that matters when you want to look fitter and more muscular. I’d strength train 3 to 4 times a week; eat better quality foods (real food); get protein at every meal; add some active rest on your off days like walking and biking and keep at it. This is a lifestyle, not an event. In 6 months you’ll be looking muscular.

Plasma and muscle glutamine levels are decreased post workout and it can take hours before they are restored (Rowbottom, 1996). A study examining the effect of free-form glutamine and glutamine peptide ingestion on muscle glycogen resynthesis found that plasma glutamine was decreased by 20% post workout with the ingestion of glucose only (control), showed no change with ingestion of whey protein or wheat protein hydrolysate plus glucose drinks, and a 200% increase with ingestion of free-form glutamine plus glucose drink (VanHall, 2000). Free-form glutamine supplementation was needed to elevate plasma glutamine levels post workout.

I am 49 years old, and used to work out two hours a day five days a week until I was 41 years old. However, I hurt my neck trying a new abs exercise with a wheel device, and had to go to physical therapy for a while. Once I started physical therapy for my neck (after discovering I had two slipped in my neck), it seemed easy to get back into the workout routine again.
However, I have never gotten back into the routine and have now gained up to 188 lbs. although, while working out everyday my weight was maintained at 155 max. it would be one of the best gifts in the world to find out I can start working out again and become lean + gain some muscle weight. Nevertheless, I am afraid I am now too old to get back into the shape I once was, and it is destined for me to remain 188lbs. or more for life.
Let me give a bit of a synopsis on how I gained some of this weight…my job went from being very active to sitting at a desk ten hours a day. While sitting at the desk and continuing to eat the same amount of food the weight gain started. I also had a doctor who had put me on an antidepressant that normally makes people lose weight, but made me gain weight. The doctor has now changed to antidepressant, and put me on an ADHD drug, which is great at killing my appetite until around 4pm everyday. Once it is 4pm I am starved to death, and eat snacks + my partner is in the habit of eating dinner at 8pm or later. Since I have no clue how to cook, and am at someone else’s mercy for dinner, it is hard to eat earlier.
I eat a huge breakfast everyday (three thick pieces of French toast with coconut oil and soaked in egg whites) the egg whites equal about six eggs + cottage cheese with fresh fruit every day.
Is it possible for me to get back to 155-160 lbs. again at my age + get lean with some muscle tone? I do not ever want to be a large man with huge muscles, but it would be grand to look like I used to.
PS I did not ever start working out with weights until I was 38 years old, and it really made me feel great to constantly get the looks I did (yes I’ll admit I am vain) all men really are…:-)

Gaining muscle while cutting steroids

gaining muscle while cutting steroids


gaining muscle while cutting steroidsgaining muscle while cutting steroidsgaining muscle while cutting steroidsgaining muscle while cutting steroidsgaining muscle while cutting steroids