Effect steroid potassium

1. Preliminary studies are reported on 8 patients with lung disease given prednisone both with and without potassium supplements. 2. There were no abnormalities of plasma potassium but there was a relationship between the dose of prednisone and the urinary excretion of potassium whilst off supplements: higher doses were associated with increased potassium excretion. 3. Patients who had been on treatment for a short period retained more of their supplements than did those who had been on treatment for several years. 4. It is suggested that with prolonged treatment control of potassium homeostasis may be altered, and that more detailed metabolic studies should be carried out.

This is not a routine test - A creatinine clearance test compares serum creatinine to the amount of creatinine eliminated in urine during a given time period, usually 24 hours. To start this test, you empty your bladder and flush it. Then you get to collect all your urine during the next 24 hours - nothing like carrying around a bucket full of pee to further your social life, huh? <g> During the test period, one blood sample will be taken to measure serum creatinine. Then they can compare the amount in your blood to the amount passed in your urine.
     Standard values are :

Effect steroid potassium

effect steroid potassium


effect steroid potassiumeffect steroid potassiumeffect steroid potassiumeffect steroid potassiumeffect steroid potassium