Comparison between topical corticosteroids

The revised version of the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) maintains much of its original structure and intent. Like the House legislation, the Senate Republican bill introduced in June will produce major losses in insurance coverage that will mostly affect low- and moderate-income Americans, according to the CBO’s analysis of the bills. The centerpiece of the Senate bill is a series of major reductions in federal aid for poor Americans who rely on Medicaid and for consumers who currently qualify for federal subsidies to help them buy private health insurance through the Obamacare marketplace.

I have been facing major issues with Tata Sky of late.. it is so unfortunate that a company associated with the " TATA" name are now total cheats.
I have had this annual mega pack since a few years now. Apparently I am a 'privilege customer". The HD box with recording has been hanging since the last 2-3 weeks. They tried to reset it but the problem remained unresolved. They then told me that the box would have to be changed and as it was no longer under warrantee i would have to buy a "new" box. I agreed but the service technicians kept of asking for different amounts, one said 1200, another 1800 a third 3500 and the fourth one said Rs12000 for a new connection!!!!! also on checking with the helpline, the correct price was 700/-
Though they said a "new" box would be provided, the actual box is a second hand with a 1 month warrantee only. Which means that is is quite possible that I end up paying Rs 700 extra per month. when I fought with them they agreed to a 1 year warrantee at an extra cost of Rs 500/- they debited by account but have not replaced the box! Now since the last 1 week I have been following up with the help line and every one has a different take on what can be done...

Comparison between topical corticosteroids

comparison between topical corticosteroids


comparison between topical corticosteroidscomparison between topical corticosteroidscomparison between topical corticosteroidscomparison between topical corticosteroidscomparison between topical corticosteroids