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If you want to get huge, take what the pros take. A shitload of test (1g+/wk), tren and deca as needed. Add in insulin and GH. Hope that you don’t fucking die. I can tell you, from years of training with pros and helping them work their supplement/drug stacks, they aren’t taking any of this shit (with the exception of M1T when it was available, that shit was rocket fuel, but also hell on your body). The real secret to “HUGE” is insulin, it’s not some shit that you can buy OTC, trust me. And notice, there are no links or ads in my article, I’ve got nothing to gain except for helping people not waste money on supplements that don’t work, or get sick/fucked up by shit that’s dangerous. Not saying that is the case with this drug, it may be fine, but, problem is, nobody really knows. And running this drug without a testosterone base will fuck you up, guarantee it; you’ll be chemically castrated by drugs like this when you don’t add in test. Just look up “deca dick” for some stories of guys who ran steroids without a testosterone base. Nothing like being 225 with veins if your scalp showing but not being able to get it up to really impress the ladies.

Try wind sprints instead of jogging miles and miles…run 40 yards, walk back, run 40 yards, walk back…
I read an article years ago(in Men’s Health no less), it analyzed the cells of a 35 yr old ironman competitor and a doughy 55 yr old who rarely exercised.
Under the microscope, the men were the same age on a cellular level.
From what Ive read, you should really get these extreme endurance competitions out of your system by your early 30s; after that age, you really doing more harm than good (this applies to both men and women).

Anabolic frolic youtube

anabolic frolic youtube


anabolic frolic youtubeanabolic frolic youtubeanabolic frolic youtubeanabolic frolic youtube