Anabolic elite bpi opiniones

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Cycled a mix of a-50 first untill anabolic elite took over. Made me eat like an animal and put on some good size. Took on a poor bulking diet and everyone was asking me what id been taking my shoulders,chest and arms put on some mass for sure. Weight peaked at 12 n half stone from just shy of . Only thing ill say is since finishing my cycle I've dropped weight back down to a measly but don't look like I've lost any size compared to me at my peak. Can't figure out how this is possible at all :/ if anyone can shed any light on this feel free to message me. Over all a good product I just wouldn't want to stop cycling it now I know what happens when you stop..

Anabolic elite bpi opiniones

anabolic elite bpi opiniones


anabolic elite bpi opinionesanabolic elite bpi opinionesanabolic elite bpi opinionesanabolic elite bpi opinionesanabolic elite bpi opiniones